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Fresh Ideas for Your Business
About us

About Akiyam Solutions

Established in 2022 by a team of young expert software professionals. Akiyam Solutions is an I.T. Company with motivated individuals working together to provide the best services using the best resources out there. We have our hands in most of the latest technologies and are putting constant efforts to provide quality services and have remarkable customer satisfaction. Akiyam Solutions is on the mission to provide quality IT solutions and products to people and businesses. Along with IT services Akiyam Solution provides a platform for students/freshers to prepare for the job environment, relevant sector ad host location. It aims to get the skilled talent ready to cater to the upheaval of IT jobs year on year.


Our Mission

Our mission is to revolutionize the IT sector and make a significant difference in the current Information Technology world. Along with that, we aim to empower youth by providing them the opportunity to work on industrial-level projects and keep them up with upcoming technologies. provide cost effect high-quality innovative solutions & services, powered by state-of-the-art technologies, anchored on our basic principles of:

• Explore

• Innovate

• Improve

The strong R&D team of Akiyam is constantly working to upgrade existing solutions and develop new products. Akiyam is transparent and accountable to customers, shareholders, partners, and employees and strives to deliver on commitments and results.



Akiyam Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is committed to providing products and services of the highest possible standards to satisfy our customer’s expectations of quality, reliability, and service. Our quality policy objective is well-defined and documented quality standards with total customer satisfaction. procedures have been laid down for project management, the entire Software Development Life Cycle, monitoring customer relationships, and human resources management. for each phase of the Software Development Life Cycle, there are processes for inspection & reviews, documentation, configuration management, and change management.

Akiyam Solutions Pvt. Ltd. recognizes that the diligent operation of a Quality Management System leads to the efficient and effective performance of work activities with minimum errors.


Our Values

Akiyam respects and seeks to maintain the highest standards of fairness, equality, integrity, and honesty. our corporate philosophy is:

• Total customer satisfaction, continuous improvement, and total involvement.

• Constantly and consistently deliver products and services of the highest quality.

• Keep pace with change and continuously strive for innovation while keeping in step with modern technology and methodology. our core value centers on total customer satisfaction and a quest toward ensuring good corporate citizenship.

OUR Values
our features

Why Businesses Choose us

we have a lot to offer to our clients. Here are some reasons why companies worldwide choose us.

Innovative Solutions

Our services and solutions are built on business innovations.

Strategic Thinking

Akiyam works strategically to forge the best path for your business.

Experienced Team

We employ the best consultants with more than 10 years of experience.

Creative Approach

Every project we work on is based on the creative solutions of any issues.


Why Choose Akiyam As Your Development Company?

At Akiyam, we are here to work for you and take care of your business. Many people prefer price as their primary motive, But at Akiyam Customer satisfaction is our primary motive. If you do not trust the organization, you would probably not do business with them anyway, so trust is our priority.

Creativity and Innovation

Creativity and innovation helps develop new ways of improving an existing product or service to optimize the business. This also allows entrepreneurs to think outside the box and beyond the traditional solutions. Through this opportunity new, interesting, potential yet versatile idea come up.

User Experience

User experience (UX) focuses on having a deep understanding of users, what they need, what they value, their abilities, and also their limitations. It also takes into account the business goals and objectives of the group managing the project.

Vision and Core Values

Akiyam respects and seeks to maintain the highest standards of fairness, equality, integrity, and honesty. our corporate philosophy is: Total customer satisfaction, continuous improvement, and total involvement.

On-Time & Within Budget

We deliver the project on time and affordable range. We are armed with a large team of experts in consulting, website design and development, application development, Quality Assurance, Data Science, Artificial intelligence, Blockchain, Machine Learning, and Digital Marketing along with experience delivering projects, in mobility and cloud across the industry verticals.

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